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After two years, we were able to meet face-to-face with SCUBY partners again at our 4th consortium meeting, held this year in Portorož, Slovenia, May 30 - June 3, 2022.

For this summer, we chose a different setting and welcomed our partners in the embrace of the waves, on the shores of our small but diverse country. Despite the busy schedule and long meetings, we were able to cool and refresh ourselves in the sea and catch a few rays of sunshine.

On the formal side, there were many interesting presentations of our work results (mainly on cost interventions and data, cascade, regression results and challenges), active participation in workshops on IPT (Initial Programme Theory) refinement and process evaluation, and lively discussions about our future plans as our project is slowly but surely coming to an end - in June 2023. But researchers always find a way and ideas, and there was no shortage of them at our meeting.

We also had guests from outside the SCUBY family, from the Scientific Advisory Board, to reflect on SCUBY's progress to date and possibly make connections with other development initiatives. There was also a small contest within the teams where each country had to prepare a dissemination plan for the final year of the project. Each country presented their plan and ideas, and the host country won Belgian chocolates as a prize. We also took portrait photos so that all partners will have the same photos for our website.

To break up the working week, we went on a trip on the penultimate day, during which we also visited the Franja Partisan Hospital and took a trip on the beautiful Soča River.

Franja Partisan Hospital and Soča River

Meeting was concluded with a fruitful discussion with project stakeholders from the WHO and Slovenia.

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