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How to evaluate scale-up of health systems interventions? SCUBY participates in a virtual workshop

On the 14th of October 2020, Julius Global Health, University Medical Center Utrecht in collaboration with Antwerp University organized a workshop on the evaluation of scale-up of health systems interventions.

Case studies from four large-scale European Commission Horizon 2020 funded research projects in 14 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia; the SCUBY (Scale-Up of Diabetes and Hypertension Care; and SUNI-SEA (Scaling-Up non-communicable disease [NCD] interventions in South East Asia; projects and (Self-management and reciprocal learning for the prevention and management of Type-2 Diabetes; and SPICES (Scaling-up packages of interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa; projects illustrated approaches to evaluation of health systems intervention.

Key questions addressed (i) how to conduct cross-setting evaluation of the effect and cost of NCD interventions using lessons from the SCUBY and SUNI-SEA projects and (ii) how to generate transferrable lessons from cross-country studies using lessons from the SMART2D and SPICES projects.

The workshop was a great opportunity to learn about four implementation science projects on prevention and management of cardiometabolic and cardiovascular disease in Europe, Asia and Africa and discuss with participants how lessons learnt during implementation and evaluation of scale-up could be translated to other settings.

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