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First group of DT2 peer supporters trained at the CHCL

At CHCL, the first group of trained peer supporters for type 2 diabetes has completed the structured training programme. After two group meetings, the educator met with each person in two individual sessions. During the one-hour (sometimes the conversation was even longer) sessions, they analyzed their diet plan, created a new one, checked their blood glucose levels before and after meals, talked about their medications and physical activity, the course of their disease, their family and their support, their friends and the support from their environment. The persons also told the educator about their hobbies and plans and in which areas of the community they could support patients with diabetes. In the end, they created a plan for collaboration and the peer supporter with diabetes gained confidence in the health workers, in the CHCL as institution and in their affiliations. They readily agreed to become CHCL ambassadors.

At CHCL, we worked with the legal department of the facility to establish the legal basis for the work of peer supporters: Certificate of Acquired Title of Peer Supporter, Volunteer Work Agreement, Volunteer Work Log Sheet, Volunteer Programme Regulations, Work at CHCL.

Highlights from the award ceremony (CEO of CHCL Antonija Poplas Susič awards certificates)

On 17 November 2021, in the large auditorium at CHCL, we officially awarded certificates to 14 people for their training as peer supporters for patients with type 2 diabetes and/or arterial hypertension.

We were touched by the letter from one of the peer supporters (Tatjana) who wrote a long letter describing her experience with the disease, what she learned during the training and what her new role means to her.

Tatjana’s letter

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